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Terms & Conditions


A minimum deposit of 20% is required on confirmation of order, unless otherwise negotiated. This deposit is non-refundable. If the customer is not a regular or is not known by us, all plants must be paid for in full before the plants are released to the customer.


Payment to be made when orders are collected, or before the order is freighted. Where customers have established credit arrangements, payment is due under normal commercial terms, ie payment of invoice is due on the 20th day of the month following the date of our invoice. Invoices over $1000 if being paid via credit card may incur a 1.6% fee.

Allwood Trees may, at its discretion forward details of any amounts outstanding and overdue for payment, to a debt collection agency for the purpose of collection of all monies owing. Should Allwood Trees use the services of a debt collection agency the costs of using the agency shall be added to the outstanding debt.

Payment with Gift Card or Gift Voucher

No discount will be given if payment is being made with Gift Card or Gift Vouchers.  


Any product supplied remains the property of Allwood Trees until the customer has made payment in full of all costs, including the purchase price and any other fees incurred.


We take the greatest care and pride in producing trees to be of merchantable quality and to be true to name and description, however no warranty, implied or expressed, can be given as to description or performance.  Allwood Trees has no control over a trees physical environment once it leaves the nursery therefore, we cannot warrant growth.  Allwood Trees does not undertake to replace failures.

In some instances, a decision may be made to replace a particular tree after an Allwood Trees staff member has visited the site and viewed the dead or dying tree.

Absolutely no returns without evidence of original purchase ie till receipt or eftpos/credit card receipt showing date and amount of sale.

If for any reason goods are returned for credit, this procedure must take place within five days of sale.  All returned stock must be in good saleable condition, (ie they cannot have been planted and re-bagged, and must still be in the condition they were in when they left our premises).


Allwood Trees takes all care and uses accepted horticultural practices when planting. It is the responsibility of Allwood Trees clients to ensure the planting site is clear and free from obstructions. Where additional work is required when planting Allwood Trees reserves the right to charge for additional work undertaken.

Holding Cost

Allwood Trees is willing to hold trees for a period of 2 months at no charge. A fee of $10.00 per month per tree held will apply after the initial two months.


Freight can be arranged for trees to be delivered anywhere in New Zealand. Freight costs are charged at cost with packaging charges charged according to requirements. All freight is F.O.B., except where Allwood Trees delivers plants or trees. The responsibility for insurance cover against loss or damage during transit shall be the responsibility of the customer.

Prices are not included in this website. Customers should contact nursery staff and/or request quotations for trees selected.

Trees in Europots

A minimum deposit of $25.00 can be charged for trees in europots.  If the europots are returned in a re-usable condition, a full refund on the deposit will be provided.  Pick up of trees must be arranged prior to arrival at Allwood Trees, or the trees may not be available for collection at that time.  Weekend pick up of trees will only be by prior arrangement.