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Our Services


Experienced, knowledgeable staff will give information and advice via email, phone or in person at Allwood Trees. Send us your landscape plan and we can advise on plant selection. We assist with selecting the right trees and shrubs for the site.

We also have an on site consultation service. We will visit your property and provide first hand advice on the selection of trees and shrubs. There is a charge for on site consultations. A copy of our notes and sketches related to your property will be given to you.

Soft Landscape Plans

This is a plan with detailed specifications related to your property. Showing both botanical and common names of trees and shrubs, as well as quantites and other relevant comments (eg spacing). A minimum fee of $250 pus GST for this service (conditions apply).

Contract Growing

Plants and trees are grown to particular specifications. We have the facilities to grow large numbers of trees and can grow trees for a number of years. Trees are container grown. We grow trees in containers of up to 1,000 litres however most trees are grown in containers of 20 Litres to 250 Litres.

Allwood Trees also grows smaller plants on contract. Make an enquiry if this service is of interest to you.

Delivery and Planting service

We can deliver and plant trees purchased from Allwood Trees. We do everything from digging the hole to staking the tree and adding slow release fertiliser. The cost depends on the time taken to complete the job and your location.

We can organise delivery to anywhere in New Zealand and we have a South Island wide planting service.


Send us your plant list and we will quote as quickly as possible. We are able to provide different tree and shrub size options and suggest alternatives if particular trees or shrubs are not available.