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Planting Guide

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Choose a location for your tree, making sure there is enough room for when the tree gets big.

Dig a hole twice the size of tree's container, removing clay into a separate pile. Keep sides of hole straight & bottom of hole flat. If soil in hole is dry, soak with water before planting.

Backfill the hole with good soil or compost. Finished height for the root ball should be flush with existing ground level.

For a tree in a bag; place tree gently in the hole at correct depth. Make sure the root ball of tree is moist before planting. Hold the tree by the bag and not the stem. Cut right around base with a sharp knife. Once tree is in position and upright, cut off the bag sides and remove. For a tree in a Europot; lean the tree over and slide the pot off the root ball. Once the pot is removed, roll the tree gently into the hole. Try not to disturb the roots.

The tree should now be in position so the top of the root ball is level with the surrounding garden. Then back-fill the hole with good loose soil around the root ball. Gently use your heel to compact the soil around the plant.

Staking Guide

Once the stakes are in place, use tree tie to secure your tree to the stakes. Tie one end of the tree tie to one of the stakes; making sure the knot is tight.

Run the tree tie out to the other stake and on your way back start twisting the tree tie over the first length until you get back to the first stake, making sure you twist around the tree but not too tight.

Once back at the first stake, tie the end of the tree tie to the stake. Keep the tension on the stakes not the trees.

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