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New Subdivision planting

Saturday, March 14, 2015

With the increased building activity in Christchurch in new subdivisions it is very important for property owners who would like to create a nice garden to prepare the garden areas before planting.

The reason for this is that when developed new subdivisions have achieve a level of soil/land compaction to satisfy building foundation requirements.  Compaction is undertaken over the whole subdivision which means garden areas are included.  This compacted soil makes it difficult for trees and shrubs to get established without proper ground preparation.

It is important to dig tree pits twice as wide and twice as deep as the rootball, backfill the hole to the correct depth with a mixture of compost and the original soil and then plant.  With digging a big tree pit you are giving the tree roots space to grow and develop and therefore the tree will grow much better than just digging a hole the size of the tree rootball.

Where shrubs are being planted dig over the garden areas and bring in compost or other organic material to boost the nutrient levels in the soil.  Your plants will love you for this.

Good tree planting.  

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